Mall Services

Reliable security staff employed to supervise the overall security at the mall.Periphery control is maintained through security personnel communicating through walkie-talkies at all times.Entry and exit points are monitored through CCTV and security guards during the day and nightLoading and unloading of any materials coming and going out from the mall are monitoredRegular briefings conducted with security, maintenance and housekeeping.Access cards issues to employees at the MallCCTV is installed at the periphery of the mall and lift lobbiesFire hydrant systemsAutomatic fire alarms and smoke detection systemAutomatic sprinkler systemPortable fire extinguishers
We have well maintained and easily accessible restrooms at 1st and 2nd floor of the Mall. We also operate well designed disabled restrooms at both the floors. A private space for mother and baby is available at 1st floor.
At Vaishnavi Sapphire Centre , we have well designed and spacious Valet automated parking systems spread over 1 lakh sqft accommodating 450 four wheelers 250 two wheelers on ground parking.The parking location are available at ground level Basements (Basement 1 and basement 2)
In case of any emergencies, we have the First Aid kits. Kindly contact the security personnel at the Mall during emergencies.We also have a tie-up with leading hospital People Tree which is located at 5 min drive for any emergency situations.
Car wash facility is available at Basement 1. Kindly contact parking authorities at the mall.
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