At Sapphire Centre, ‘sustainability’ is taken seriously. When we threw open the doors of the mall in 2014 we decided that efficiency and eco-friendliness will be the two watchwords to live by.

As technology gets better and democratized, we do our utmost to embrace it and make it a part of our ethos to enhance our energy infrastructure whilst ensuring a splendid retail and leisure experience for our shoppers. By reducing our carbon footprint and improving energy efficiency, we strive to carve a place as a sustainable player within the retail sector.


Here’s a low-down on the environmental initiatives undertaken by us:


Renewal Solar Energy:

Sapphire Centre is charged with Solar Renewable Energy through wheeling, which helps it save up to 660 units of energy per day.

Rainwater harvesting:

We use the rainwater harvesting technique involving the use of recharge pits to replenish groundwater. This initiative enables us to save 12kl water per day


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